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    What is house soft washing and how we do it in central Mississippi.

    The house soft washing service in central Mississippi consists of everything except the roof and gutters. The siding, the fascia board, the soffit, the porch. Siding could be vinyl, stucco, brick, or aluminum. We also clean wood siding. The fascia is the part of the house where gutters are usually attached. The soffits are the house’s part that joins the wall and fascia. We apply chemicals from the bottom going up; we rinse the chemicals from top-down using gentle, low pressure. In the industry, this process is called soft washing.

    House soft washing service in Brandon MS by advanced pressure washing services llc 601-633-3373
    Example of house soft washing service - vinyl siding cleaning.

    Softwashing vs power washing your house to remove algae.

    before and after of vinyl house siding cleaned with soft washing process by advanced pressure washing services 601-633-3373
    Before and after of vinyl siding soft washing service.
    Soft washing Stucco by best pressure washing company in Central Mississippi Advanced Pressure Washing Services LLC - 601-633-3373
    Before and after of stucco soft washing service.

    We use specific equipment that mix concentrated chemicals with water, diluting them to proper concentration when soft wash house in Jackson MS. Too many chemicals can damage the surfaces and underlying surface easily. If we use too little pressure, it will not remove dirt. The same goes for pressure. Too much pressure and you can ruin delicate vinyl, you can take whitewashing off the brick, or you can damage the windows. You can also force water and chemicals under the siding. Too little pressure will rinse the chemicals well, leaving residue behind. So you can see how important it is to have the equipment and procedures misdialed.

    House soft washing is a preferred alternative to pressure washing when cleaning the vinyl and wood siding. Gentle washing will treat the entire home and kill all organic matter that grows on its surface. The pressure washing removes the mold, but it does not kill the microlayer growing on a porous surface.

    Four steps to a safe house soft-washing.

    • The first step in a safe soft wash process is to pre-wet the windows. It is not recommended for chemicals to dry on the glass because dried-up chemicals make it difficult to clean the glass thoroughly. One should never point a stream of water on the window seals. When soft washing your home and pre-wetting the glass, we always avoid pointing water in the corners or under the windows where they seal. While safe for glass, moderate water pressure could force the water inside. By the way, the same principle applies when pre-wetting or rinsing the doors.
    • The second significant step in soft washing vinyl siding is to wet the vegetation. Alkaline detergents are excellent in killing mold, which is a living organism. Those detergents are also great at killing plants! We must take utmost care to prevent plants burn. It is where years of experience play a significant role in the safe completion of the project. We pre-wet and rinse off vegetation before and after soft washing your home. Over the years, we switched from harsh strong bases to more mild and environmentally safe soaps. According to manufacturers, some soaps are green and will NOT damage the plants. We would hate to test those claims. Regardless of the manufacturer’s claims, we pre-wet and rinse off vegetation to ensure the safety of your plants.
    • The third step is to apply the chemicals. We use several specialty tools to make the job easier, but more than anything is to make sure the entire surface of the house is covered. The use of proper tools allows us to be efficient and thorough. As mentioned previously, we always apply chemicals from the bottom up. This process ensures that we treat mold with the potent chemical and the runoff is not washing it down. Once the chemicals are applied and have full coverage, we let the chemicals dwell. Often we have to make several applications.
    • Finally, we can rinse the house off. We start at the soffit and fascia run the stream of water in a wide fan pattern to ensure a thorough wash. We must take great care to avoid vents. Once we rinse the house, we flush the vegetation one last time. We rinsed them again for good measure after we rinsed them once already.


    Conclusion. It is not rocket science to get your house correctly soft-washed. It would help if you had a few things to succeed. 1- Knowledge of how to properly do the job. 2- Proper tools and chemicals to effectively and safely clean your property. 3- Desire to get wet and tired on your only day off. If you fail at one of those things, you can call us for help with your project. We have been in business for nearly two decades. In that time, we saw technology, procedures, and chemicals evolve to better, safer ways and materials to do the job right. We love what we do. Most of our customers state they never had the slightest idea that it could be THAT clean. This praise is gratifying. Give us a call at 601-633-3373

    examle of house soft washing service used to clean soffits on the neglected house by advanced pressure washing services llc 601-633-3373

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      House soft washing in Jackson MS

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