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    wood Fence and deck cleaning service in Jackson MS

    When thinking about a wood fence and deck cleaning service in Jackson MS, things are to keep in mind. An average wood fence is made of pine, cypress, or cedar. In Mississippi, most fences are made of yellow or white pine. The wood adds warmth and character to your property. The typical wood fence is built using pressure-treated lumber, but even it can be susceptible to mold and rot. Firstly, a moist warm environment promotes the growth of algae and moss. Secondly, harsh UV radiation from the sun makes wood fibers brittle and turns a warm-colored wood fence into a black, unsightly assembly of boards. By keeping the mold and discoloration in check and periodic cleaning, you can significantly increase the fence’s lifespan.

    long fence cleaning example of before and after by Advanced Pressure Washing Services LLC

    Benefits of wood restoration service.

    Before and after of fence cleaned by Advanced Pressure Washing Services LLC

    A clean fence says a lot about the home and homeowner. It plays a significant role in the overall curb appeal. If you are trying to sell your property or lease it out, a clean, new-looking fence will put maintenance concerns of the new owner at ease. The good news is that we can restore your old, black-looking ugly fence. We have been pressure-washing fences and decks for nearly two decades, and over this time, we gained the know-how and experience to do the job right.

    Can you safely pressure wash the wood fence?

    Often, a concerned homeowner asks us, “Can you pressure wash a wood fence?” The answer is NO. At least not in a conventional meaning of pressure washing. Aged, sun-damaged wood is easily damaged by the enormous pressure developed by the pressure washers. The proper restoration technique uses no more than 1000 psi of water pressure. The first step is to wet the wood with the surfactant. Because surfactant breaks the surface tension, the cleaning soap can penetrate the fibers. After the initial soak, we follow by applying the soap detergent. Our soap contains brighteners, so we let it dwell for 15-20 minutes after we use it. Finally, after the brighteners stop reacting, we will rinse the surface thoroughly. The last and most crucial step is to neutralize the wood by bringing PH balance to around 7. Wood restoration service is not a difficult task, but it must be done right!

    Wood fence pressure washing service by Advanced Pressure Washing Services llc 601-633-3373

    New developments in pressure washing a wood fence.

    - Advanced Pressure Washing Services LLC - https://pressurewashingnow.com/wood-restoration-service-jackson-ms/

    Using modern wood care methods, we can restore the wood to its former glory. Just three decades earlier, old wood would have had to be replaced. Not anymore. Is it expensive to power wash a fence or a deck? The average cost of pressure washing a fence in Jackson, MS and nearby areas is negligible compared to a replacement alternative. After we restore and brighten the wood, it can be stained. Most modern stains contain fungicides that prevent the growth of mold and mildew.

    Things to avoid when hiring someone to power wash a wood fence.

    Sometimes homeowners try to save money by pressure washing the fence themselves. Other times they invite a “know and do it all” handyman who works out of the trunk of his car. It is almost certain that an untrained operator will damage the delicate wood in either case. The softwood fibers will be damaged and raised. The surface will resemble millions of splinters sticking out. The only way to repair that damage is to sand it down. Eventually, those homeowners reach out to professional contractors to get the fence fixed, and it ends up costing them 4-5 times the money they would have spent had they hired a professional from the start.

    - Advanced Pressure Washing Services LLC - https://pressurewashingnow.com/wood-restoration-service-jackson-ms/

    What we do differently.

    Over the years, we have learned a proper way to clean faded-out wood. We use a soft wash method – a method where we do not apply pressure higher than 1000 psi. We use pressure gauges to dial in our commercial pressure washer. We then use a proprietary soap detergent to get the job done.
    Other wood restoration services we offer.
    A fence power washing service is not the only wood cleaning service we offer. If you need deck power washing in Jackson, MS, or surrounding areas, we can help you there, too. We also power wash composite decks and pools wood patios. The cleaning process is slightly different:

    1. We apply the soaps and let them dwell.
    2. We will use a surface cleaner resembling a floor buffer. This surface cleaner allows for an even cleaning without the danger of leaving uneven streaks.
    3. Once the deck is clean and dry, we can apply a sealer of your choice.

    Give us a call or send us a message and let’s talk about the wood restoration. Let one of us come by and do a free demonstration. You will be amazed by the results.

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