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    Are you searching for roof pressure washing Jackson Ms ? Please read the following carefully. If you received a letter from your insurance company threatening to cancel your policy due to algae on the roof, you want to hear this information.

    Is pressure washing your roof bad?

    Warning: A shingle roof is a delicate surface easily damaged by excess water pressure. You must exercise a great deal of caution when roof power washing. The average homeowner might not know that your contractor must NOT clean the delicate shingle roof with any pressure greater than 500 PSI. Do not allow amateur “splash and dash” and “do it all” handymen near your fragile roof with a tremendous water pressure of a rental pressure washer. Call us instead!

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    We spoke with several home owners who received a threatening letters from their insurance companies. The chief complaint was about algae growing on the roof, mold and moss growing in a shaded areas. Those insurance companies threatened to cancel homeowners policy if properties were not properly cleaned. These letters usually catches home owners by surprise because those roof stains are usually go unnoticed until they receive that mail.

    Why is it Important having your roof soft-washed?

    roof soft washing before and after by advanced pressure washing services llc 601-633-3373
    Roof soft washing service - before and after

    The Asphalt Roofing Manufacturers Association, also known as ARMA, recommends shingle roofs cleaned with low water pressure below 500 psi. This is called the roof soft washing process in the exterior cleaning industry.

    A roof can say a lot about the condition of your property. According to some local real estate agents, this is an average consumer opinion. There are several reasons to have your roof soft washed:

    1. A black, dirty roof can increase your electric cooling bills because it attracts more heat from the sun.
    2. A dirty roof is an eyesore when selling or leasing your property.
    3. If your stained roof is left untreated, those black stains will eventually destroy your shingles.

    Contact us today to schedule a free quote or learn more about the roof soft wash of your property.

    Causes for black streaks on your roof.

    Dirty black streaks that appear on the roof are a living organism called “Gloeocapsa Magma.” It lives in the asphalt shingles and feeds off the limestone used to bind the filler together. More often than not, it is worse on the north side of the roof. To thrive, Gloeocapsa Magma needs three things: moisture, heat, and nutrients. If there are trees in proximity of the house, the shade and humidity create a near-ideal habitat for the Gloeocapsa Magma, also known as algae. The worst news is that algae do not go away on their own. It will spread to other parts of the roof. Soon after, the mold, mildew, and lichen will also start growing. The good news is that you can help avoid these elements’ growth with proper roof maintenance.

    - Advanced Pressure Washing Services LLC - https://pressurewashingnow.com/roof-cleaning-jackson-ms
    Gloeocapsa Magma example

    We provide no-pressure roof cleaning services near Jackson, MS.

    roof cleaning service before and after 601-633-3373
    Our roof cleaning service - before and after

    If your roof looks stained with black smudges, runs, and streaks of algae, don’t be in a hurry to replace it! We are experts in attacking those black spots on your roof and killing the algae and bacteria. With both safety and efficiency in mind, we can effectively clean your roof using proprietary cleaning detergents and a low-pressure roof cleaning system. Our no-pressure roof cleaning chemicals contain a fungicide additive to deter future bacteria growth. With proper care, your shingle roof can last decades! We serve clients in the Hinds, Madison, Rankin, and Copiah County area in central Mississippi and would be happy to talk to you about our soft wash roof cleaning.

    What are the benefits of roof soft cleaning service?

    The cost of house roof cleaning is a fraction of what it would cost to replace a roof. Your house roof will look new again; it will reflect the heat more effectively, your energy bill will be lower during hot summer months, and your property will regain that fresh curb appeal. Whether you’re a homeowner looking to improve the health of your home or you’re looking to sell, we’re here to hunt down that fungi and leave your roof and home bacteria-free.

    What do you need to know about the soft wash roof cleaning process?

    Sometimes we hear consumers asking, “Can I rent a pressure washer and do it myself?” The short answer is YES; you can rent a pressure washer and tackle the job yourself. The right question would be, “SHOULD you rent a pressure washer and do the cleaning yourself?” The answer is not so simple. A commercial pressure washer can develop a tremendous amount of water pressure, in many cases enough to pierce or cut the unprotected skin and cut through the shingles. The powerful blast of water can break a window or crack the vinyl siding. It can damage the glass window. In most cases, your should entrust your roof cleaning to adequately trained and equipped professionals.

    - Advanced Pressure Washing Services LLC - https://pressurewashingnow.com/roof-cleaning-jackson-ms
    Asphalt shingles damaged by homeowner's DIY attempt

    Why should you hire us to do no-pressure roof cleaning?

    Firstly, we use fully adjustable commercial equipment. We use proper nozzles and water pressure gauges to correctly set the pressure levels. Secondly, we use strong commercial detergents with fungicide and apply them long enough to do the job. Thirdly, when you weigh the risks and money saved from the DIY approach, it becomes clear a roof and house pressure washing is best left to professionals. Lastly, do you want to spend your weekend on top of the roof, covered in dirt from head to toe?

    Other roof cleaning services we offer.

    metal roof cleaning by advanced pressure washing services llc 601-633-3373
    Example of our metal roof cleaning process

    An asphalt shingle roof is not the only type of roof to clean. A metal roof, also known as a Glavlalume roof, faces similar problems. Often the sap from the pecan and oak trees instead of the algae pollutes the roof. Sometimes it’s both of those things. It is near impossible to clean those pesky black stains without proper soft wash equipment and proper detergents. Give us a call or send us a message, and we would be happy to talk about your cleaning needs.

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