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    Importance of driveway pressure washing.

     So, you are looking for a driveway pressure washing in Jackson MS? Your driveway is like the first impression of your home, and a great first impression starts with a clean driveway. We provide concrete cleaning in Jackson MS and surrounding areas. The cost of concrete cleaning services is insignificant compared to the boost of the property value gained from it.

    Moreover, power washing concrete at least annually helps preserve its appeal, reduce the buildup of dangerous pollutants and molds, and helps boost the appearance and value of your property. Most importantly, a dirty, moldy driveway is not only an eyesore. It can become dangerous when wet, posing a potential falling and slipping hazard to you and anyone passing by.

    concrete driveway pressure washing before and after by advanced pressure washing services llc 601-633-3373
    Before and after of driveway pressure washing

    How to properly clean concrete driveway.

    concrete driveway pressure washing before and after by advanced pressure washing services llc 601-633-3373
    Another example of cleaned vs dirty concrete

    The first step in pressure washing the concrete driveway is to remove loose leaves and grass clippings from the driveway. We will sweep the leaves and other debris out of the way. Secondly, we will pre-treat the moldy surface with the cleaning detergent. We must take care to protect surrounding foliage from the detergent over-spray. We will ensure this by covering flowers and delicate shrubs with the drop cloth. Thirdly, we will treat the oily spots with heavy soaps to break down the oil as much as possible. Finally, after several minutes of dwelling in the rich soap, we will wash off the cleaning chemicals with a pressure washer.

    Does pressure washing damage concrete driveway?

    The short answer is IT CAN!
    There is nothing more challenging to repair than uneven streaks left from too much pressure and an inexperienced pressure washer operator. We have been called several times to fix these streaks left behind by “splash and dash, do it all” handymen. When pressure washing a driveway or any other flat surface, there is a common misconception of “the more pressure, the better.” There could be nothing farther from the truth! Pressure cleaning concrete takes a careful selection of the pressure and equipment to fine-tune the pressure levels. To avoid leaving your concrete streaked up, we are using a commercial surface cleaner similar in appearance to the floor buffer. It allows us to clean concrete evenly and very efficiently. Most importantly, efficient cleaning means more affordable prices for you, the homeowner.

    What is the cost of pressure washing a driveway?

    affordable concrete pressure washing services 601-633-3373
    Affordable concrete cleaning services

    The short answer is, “It depends.”
    Because the cost to power wash a driveway depends on several factors. The first and foremost is how many square feet the driveway is. Secondly, how dirty is it. Third, does it have oil and transmission fluid stains where you park your car? And lastly, is the driveway being washed simultaneously as the house and roof, or do we need to make a special trip?
    The average cost of a pressure wash driveway is $0.09-$0.23 per square foot.

    What to do if you need help with driveway pressure washing in Jackson MS or surrounding area?

    “I tried to pressure wash the driveway myself, and pressure washer left marks on concrete. What do I do?”

    Give us a call and get one of us to come out and inspect the damage. Often, we can blend the streaks in or virtually eliminate those streaks. The results depend on the severity of the damage, but we can help most of the time by using special techniques. We apply strong detergents, let it dwell, and then run our surface cleaner over until streaks are blended in well.

    Give us a call or contact us via other means for all your concrete pressure washing needs. We are serving the Central Mississippi area from Vicksburg MS to Brandon MS, from Gluckstadt and Madison MS down to Crystal Springs MS.

    With our 100% satisfaction guarantee, you can’t go wrong.

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