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Why you should consider house pressure washing in Brandon MS.

House pressure washing in Brandon, MS is one of many residential cleaning services. When you start thinking about painting or repainting your house, get it pressure washed first because pressure washing will remove mold, loose paint, and other pollutants. When done right, it can significantly improve new paint adhesion. Advanced Pressure Washing Services has been washing houses for the better part of the last two decades. We have custom formulated detergents that can take the gloss off the old paint. Because our detergents are biodegradable, they will not harm you or your pets.

A few facts about pressure washing Brandon MS.

If you are looking for pressure washing Brandon MS, read on! Brandon, Mississippi, located in Rankin county. It is 11 miles East of Jackson, Mississippi, and 160 miles North of New Orleans, Louisiana. The city benefits from easy access to the nearby towns and shares the Jackson metropolitan area with.

Because Native Americans originally inhabited the present-day City of Brandon, Europeans first arrived in the city in the early 1800s. This city was named after Gerard C. Brandon, the first native-born Governor of Mississippi. The town became the county seat of Rankin County in January of 1829. The county was founded in 1828 and was named after Mississippi congressman Christopher Rankin.

Give your house a new lease of life.

We have been helping homeowners in Brandon, MS, with their exterior cleaning needs for over ten years. Our team of pressure washing professionals will provide you with a complete clean on any surface, whether it’s your siding, your deck, or your driveway. We offer house soft washingconcrete pressure washingwood cleaning, and restoration services and roof stain removal.

Pressure washing experience.

Pressure washing is marked as the most effective cleaning technique by the GSA  because it removes mold and mildew from surfaces that have been neglected for years. Your house will be left looking pristine and ready to be painted with our services.

Benefits of house pressure washing Brandon MS.

One of the benefits of having your house pressure washed is that pressure washing removes mold. Mold can grow rampant and out of control in our warm moist climate. If you paint over a moldy surface, your paint will not last two seasons.

Another benefit of having your house pressure washed is that pressure washing is often enough to have your house look clean. It happened several times – a customer has called us and requested a pre-paint power wash. After we completed the exterior cleaning, the place looked amazing – the customer decided to wait another season before painting it.

Third and one of the most important benefits for some is a tremendous curb appeal boost. Many homeowners want their house to be the best looking on the block. Our house washing service will deliver. As a result, the walls will be clean, your vinyl will look like builders just installed it, and your curb appeal will be where it should be!

What to expect when you request a quote for pressure washing services in Brandon MS.

When you call us the first time, one of us will come out to give you an estimate. First, we will note all the damaged areas, if any. We will document any visible rot damage. We will communicate all findings with you – the homeowner.
Secondly, we will decide on the game plan when a thorough walk-around is completed. We might have soft wash vinyl, asbestos siding, or pressure wash bricks to get the old paint off. After we agree on the action plan, we will discuss the price and schedule.


Whether we pressure washing house in Brandon MS, Clinton MS or Flowood MS, or nearby areas we always show up on time, we deliver on expectations and top-notch results. We pride ourselves on providing excellent results.

Advanced Pressure Washing Services has been an exterior cleaning company serving central Mississippi since 2002. We know what it takes to get the job done right. We are professional, punctual, and fully insured. Call today to schedule your free estimate.

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